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Baptist Women is a mission-focused group for women of all ages.

The goal is to promote mission awareness and involvement within our group and to stimulate interest church-wide.

Our group meets on the first Monday night of each month.

     Using our Mission Mosaic Magazine, we learn about the work of many Southern Baptist missionaries who serve all over the world. We are responsible for organizing several annual church-wide mission offerings and associated fundraisers. In addition, we provide support and financial assistance to the needy in our community. Some of our recent projects include: filling and delivering hygiene bags, collecting toys and school supplies for local agencies, providing financial assistance to the Baptist Children’s home, and providing personal items to the Women’s Correctional Facility in Raleigh.


Baptist Women is a great place for ladies to get plugged in to serve! Come join us!

Mission Statement:    To make our church aware of the continuing need to be actively involved in missions.

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